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Jingmei Aluminum Inc booth show

time:2022-01-14 16:19:53

China Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. to participate in the seventh China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, booth number: 6E08.

Chinese Fine Aluminum Co., Ltd is a company committed to manufacturing (wide), (thick), hard alloy aluminum enterprises. The company was established in 1999, covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, the company has processing equipment with 650/ diameter 1600*3500 four roll reversible hot rolling mill and CNC milling, sawing, curling, correction, press, heat treatment is complete.

Company attaches great importance to technology development, and cooperation with Central South University, to play the advantages of both sides, to achieve the combination of research and development of 6XXX aluminum alloy plate, the end of the process of heating solid solution quenching process, 6XXX aluminum alloy T651 state control of the production process, 7XXX, 2XXX aluminum alloy plate production technology. With the professional level of manufacturing aluminium in the rolling processing field and mature technology, hard alloy aluminum plate manufacturing 2 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series of various grades, and specifications of the state. Product maximum thickness of up to 500mm, the width of up to 3000mm, the annual capacity of one hundred thousand tons of aluminum alloy sheet metal processing enterprises, products sold at home and abroad, widely used in various fields.

The company has a strict and effective quality management system, in accordance with the IS09001:2008 standard certification. "Honest, sincere to win", to provide quality products and exquisite Aluminum Co. Ltd. wholeheartedly for the Chinese and foreign customers, to seek common development, create success.

Company name: China - Fine Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Company address: Zhejiang province Jinyun Industrial Zone Bi Chuan Road No. 20

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